Upcoming and Recent Activities


I’m delighted to be joining the IKKM at the Bauhaus University Weimar in May as a summer Research Fellow. While there, I’ll be further developing a project on the (media) history of salt.

I’m also giving several spring and early summer talks:

  • Mar. 14 as part of Queen’s University’s Ph.D. program in Cultural Studies “Cultural Studies Speaks” roundtable on ‘What is Media Studies Anyway?’
  • Mar. 15 as part of Trent University’s Ph.D. in Cultural Studies “Salon Seminars” on ‘Lists, Salt, Beavers and the Pursuit of Paradigms in Media Theory
  • Apr. 19 at the exciting “Supply and Command” conference at New York University. I’ll be participating in the opening roundtable before presenting “Salt: A Media History”
  • I’ll also be talking about salt at the Humboldt University’s Medientheorien colloquium, “Medien, die wir meinen,” on May 16th

Earlier in the year, I spoke with Carl Nellis of the New Books Network about List Cultures, which was, around the same time, reviewed in the London School of Economics Review of Books.


In October, I was invited to speak at the international conference, ‘Becoming Media, Conference 1: Objects’ at UCLA’s Center for Seventeenth- Century & Eighteenth-Century Studies and the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, Los Angeles, California.

In June, I spoke with Luke Clancy of RTE’s Culture File about List Cultures.

In May, I participated as invited speaker at ‘The Conquest of Ubiquity: Prehistories of Ubiquitous Information in the Age of Mass Culture‘, at York University in Toronto, Ontario. My talk was entitled ‘Pop Music Charts and the Metadata of Culture’

In April, I was pleased to deliver the opening address for the 12th annual Carleton CGC Conference, ‘Imagined Realities: Past, Present and Future‘. My talk was entitled ‘Imagination and Literary Media Theory‘.


In October, I presented a paper on Harold Innis and Infrastructure at ‘The Toronto School: Then | Now | Next‘.

In June, I was invited to speak at Carleton University’s School of Journalism and Communication on ‘Dirt Research and Infrastructural Media Practice’.

In May, I gave the Keynote address with Dr. Liam Mitchell at Trent University‘s ‘Teaching IdeasXChange’ on ‘Uses and Abuses of Social Media in the Classroom’.

In April, I gave the Keynote address at Trent University’s MA in English Literature (Public Texts) colloquium on ‘Grey Literature and Listed Publics’.

In March, I was invited to speak at Brock University’s Department of Communication, Popular Culture, and Film on the question ‘What can ‘cultural techniques’ bring to the study of  popular culture and media?’

I also presented  work on Harold Innis and the Beaver at the annual meeting of the Canadian Communication Association in Calgary, Alberta in June, and at the ‘What is Media?’ international conference at University of Oregon, Portland, in April.


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